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ENAM OPTOELECTRONIC MATERIAL CO., LTD. formerly known as the Optoelectronic Materail Dept.of Hunan Boyun Novel Materails a professional engaged in oxide nano-powder and its related Product,who technology relies on the

Institute of Powder Metallurgy in Central South University.

Nano-technology products require science and commerce to function together within an enterprise to deliver on customer

needs of assured quality and competitiveness. At Enam, customer needs are central to everything we do, from company

strategy to daily operations.Enam is building on this unique co- mbination of strengths to push forward the boundaries of

customer service and manufacturing technology. Customers are the focus, and Enam’s strengths are their competitive


Nano-technology research has resulted in a range of nano-powder products with many applications, particularly within

electronic consumer goods man- ufacturing. Boyun has developed a high quality, fine, pure ITO Powder which is supplied in

powder form or processed further into Tablet and Targets, In2O3 and In(OH)3. Enam’s products have an excellent reputation within the LED,LCD & battery industry, arising directly from the advanced technology applied in the manufacturing process.

Enam corporate aim is to provide assured quality with outstanding customer service.There is no compromise on quality, and

this is assured th- rough a continuous cycle of analysis, test and review, all within the framework of a managed quality system with defined procedures accredited to the international ISO 9001:2000 standard.


The management team at Enam recognise the importance of corporate Reresponsibility.Considerable investment has been

made to ensure that environm- ental standards are complied with, and where possible improved upon. Enam is accredited

with all applicable environmental standards, requiring assessment by independent inspectors. The company regards its

employees as its most valuable asset. Cooperation and teamworking are encouraged in order to promote creativity and

innovation across the company. Enam also has a social responsibility to its employees in terms of health and welfare. Safety

is at the top of every agenda and safe working practice is the responsibility of all employees. Enam seeks to be an employer

of choice by providing training and encouraging staff at all levels to achieve high performance and fulfil personal goals - a

winning team that is ready to provide competitive advantage to its customers.

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  • Tel: +86-731-85853008
  • Fax: +86-731-85853000
  • Mobile: +86-13574870058
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  • Add: No.068, Aozhou Road,Jinzhou Zone, Changsha, Hunan, China

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